*page 29, last paragraph: "...would still leave two spades..." should read "...would still leave two clubs..."
*page 61, Example b), last paragraph: "...stronger if the 3s is discarded" should read "...stronger if the 3s is kept"
page 235: note that in the community card games, it will not be possible for multiple players to make a tying flush, but this will be possible for the high hand in Stud games where players have their own boards
page 241: Replace "...J9, T8..." with "...JT, J9, T9..."
*page 332, line 7: The 2d in the "Opponent's hand" should be a 2c
page 362, Example box: In "Your hand", 8c should be 8s
*page 393, second-to-last paragraph: "...such as (Jd Tc) Ks..." should read "...such as (Jh Tc) Ks..."
page 397, Simulation box: The first equity value should read "64% equity"
*page 588, first example: "you would not make this play by throwing away the lower kicker" should read "you would not discard the Queen"

(*) May not appear in all editions

Thanks to D. Fodor and F. Brugmans for their input.